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How are the Miracle products made?

All Miracle products are made in our Chinese factories. Each product features the finest raw materials and utilizes state-of-the-art technology and advanced robotics to develop products that meet the highest standards. Most of our faucets are solid brass construction and feature the finest ceramic disc valving to ensure a lifetime of exceptional performance. Our products are100% tested and hand inspected prior to shipment.

Why is the ex factory price of Miracle products cheaper than that of other products of the same quality?

First of all, we have stable orders from the Australian head office, which dilutes the management cost of the factory; Secondly, we control the production at an appropriate scale, centrally purchase raw materials, reduce production costs; Third, we focus on the delivery of high-quality sanitary ware products; For other unrelated expenses, we try our best to save and reduce costs.

Can I develop a new style in your company and exclusive in my country?

Sure. When you send us the design drawings and inform us of your first order quantities, we will calculate the cost according to your requirements. After cost verification, we will quote you two prices, one is the price of the first order (including development expenses) and the other is the price in the future; If acceptable, we will sign an exclusive agreement with you and start cooperation.

What if your company has not obtained the certifications suitable for our domestic sales?

It doesn't matter. Please know our product series in detail and tell us the models and quantities you need to purchase; We will assist you to obtain the certifications.

What if we don't have our own brand?

No problem. We can provide you our Australian registered brands AQUAPERLA and NORICO for your choice.